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Friday, 16 January 2015


Over coffee with bright young men, I learned that those under 35 are making comparisons with 2015 and the world right before WWII. Some see that the efforts to try and ameliorate those who believe in the violent destruction of the West and Catholicism are like those efforts which tried to appease Hitler by the England and others.

Here is a good article on this subject.

The fact that Millennials are making these connections and comparisons here in Ireland, in France, and in Malta no longer surprises me. Note that this theme came up in three countries with three different sets of young men.

These young people can see that appeasement of evil just does not and never did work.

So, what should be the attitude of the Catholic?

I had a person in Malta tell me that they did not like the phrase "Church Militant".

But, we are that, and we cannot forget that. To realize that we are in a spiritual battle is merely the beginning. Raissa in her diary noted that she was living in crazy, terrible times. It is no accident but a God-incident that I ended the series on her notes not only in France, but at the beginning of 2015. Europe in 2015 does seem like Europe in 1938.

We are in those exact times now and this is not merely my own opinion.