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Sunday, 22 February 2015


Sunday anticipatory Mass at a Church in the middle of nowhere because I had no ride elsewhere-no tabernacle in the sanctuary and could not find it; no cross on the altar; no candles on the altar; most of the congregation holding up hands in the priestly orans position which Benedict said was a no-no; jeans on 50% of the men and women; women in very, very tight jeans and tights (!); piano and guitar, also said as no-nos by Benedict; Protestant songs and "country western songs" and this is not even the West; vestment looked like Proddie one with two gigantic black lines over garish purple; again, the sale of Girl Scout cookies in the vestibule-a supporter of PP and in LENT, folks; people coming in late.

I do not blame them for the last thing.

The worst liturgies I have attended since 1999-2000, I have seen in the last month.

End of rant.