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Saturday, 21 February 2015

Plan of House of Adoration

I only need one more person to join at this time.

Here is the tentative schedule. I was told to make a schedule.

Grand Silence from Compline until Lunch

7:00 Rise, Lauds at 7:15, Auxilium Prayers, Third Order Prayers, Readings of the Day; Meditation in Chapel

8:00 Breakfast in silence, check email and blog; Study time or religious reading options

9:00 Chores-laundry, cleaning, gardening; if two people 9 and 10 are reversed for second person.

10:00 Individual Adoration until 11:00 followed by religious reading

12:00 Lunch and end of the Grand Silence. Phone conversations, blogging and/or study

1:00 Midday Prayer-Terce, Sext, None, all together and Adoration. 

2;00 Spiritual Direction or if none, Study; if more than one person 1 and 2 are reversed after Midday Prayer for second person

3:00 Tea and conversation with guests or if none, various writing and work. If two people and no guests, 3 and 4 are reversed for second person.

4:00 Adoration until Vespers with Rosary as group.

5:00 Vespers and Adoration

6:00 Dinner Prep and Dinner and Clean Up-left over chores from morning

7:30 Study time, chores as needed; group meeting on Friday-- only checking blog briefly.

8:00 Compline and Adoration-- Beginning of Grand Silence

9:00 Bath and Bed for one who does 4-5 Adoration;variable

10:00 Adoration until Bed Time for person who does not take 3-4 hours-take turns; variable 

11:00 Lights Out.

If more than one person, Adoration from 4-5 turns, and take turns as porter, closing up. If more than two, entire schedule will be re-done.

If Daily Mass is available, schedule will be changed to accommodate.