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Friday, 27 February 2015


There are still some Christians who do not see the connection between the gods of the pagans and demons.

All the gods are demons. Period. And, most serious character flaws and psychological deviancy of all kinds involve demons. Some problems begin with innocent or naive purchases of games or pieces of statuary.

For Catholics not to recognize that Hermes, or Osiris, or Shiva are actually the names of real, fallen angels seems to be a serious problem. Few catechists are willing to discuss demonology, or the reality of the pagan gods representing real created beings.

That neo-paganism has become popular again reveals the persistence of these demons in the City of Man. Augustine reminds us that demons dwell in the City of Man, just as the good angels dwell in the City of God.

For Catholics to have demonic images of gods in their homes is an oversight which must be corrected. Demons lie. They are experts at deceit. They can make a person believe that one is only exhibiting art in the home with a statue of Isis or Kali on the mantel, when in reality these pieces give glory and honor to the demon by that name.

We do not have to go out of our way to honor or recognize demons. They are everywhere, except in houses, homes, where people are living in sanctifying grace, not watching television or listening to evil music, or playing computer games which are doors to demonic activity.

Sadly, too many sophisticated people deny the presence of demons, or minimize their activities in the lives of men, women and children.

That some secret societies worship demons under the names of the gods shows one the power of these creatures to cajole men and women to honor them in return for wealth, status, power.

Not much has changed since Jonah preached to the Ninevites.

A long time ago, about thirty-six years ago, I bought some beautiful Mexican silver earrings which depicted a Mayan theme. I paid quite a bit for these. When I got home, I placed them on the end table and did something else for a while. After a bit, I hear a voice say to me, "Throw away those earrings."  I was surprised. I went over to the table and took the earrings out of the jewelry bag and looked closely at the god. I realized that is was the sacrificial altar of cuauhxicalli, the receptacle of the blood of the sacrifices of men and women. Again, I heard, "If you wear these, you give glory to this god." The earrings were connected to the worship of the rain god of the Mayans, Tlaloc.

I threw them away. 

There is not neutrality in art. One can study art and visit museums and some historical places without harm. But, one cannot honor these demons. I mention this because I have seen many women, and men, wearing symbols of pagan gods. They may not know that by wearing these they are glorifying the demon. Just as we wear the cross or crucifix or the miraculous medal to honor Christ or Mary, so too do these emblems honor a real being.

That some secret societies worship demons in the name of the ancient gods reveals the fact that these demons give power to men and women....for a price. That price is the damning of the soul to hell.

Pieces of jewelry which depict the evil eye, which contrary to belief causes evil and does not keep it away, have become popular again. Such things honor the demons connected. A Christian should only glorify the one, true God.