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Friday, 27 February 2015

Someone looking for a job

C.V. Name and contact given if you are sincerely interested

- Director, Iowa Space Science Center (at start-up phase)
- Auditory electrophysiologist, 15 years, University of Iowa
- Psychophysics and electrophysiology research, 3 years, University of Michigan
- Principle Investigator, NIH funded research (5 years, 4.25 FTE's)
- Co-investigator on NIH grants (11 years)
- Adjunct Professor, University of Iowa (11 years), teaching and Ph.D. committees
- Ad hoc grant reviewer (NIH, NSF, & private foundations)
- Automated test-systems engineer, Motorola Inc
- Skills: 
- Auditory physiology of single nerve fibers
- Complex data reduction of single-fiber (spike) data
- Expertise in electrical stimulation of neural tissue
- Expertise in recording neural spikes & electric artifact elimination
- Author of >40 peer reviewed scientific papers.
- Grant proposal and scientific paper reviewer
- Software programming (Basic, Fortran, Matlab)


Rediscover Science / Iowa Space Science Center
 – Present (5 years 5 months)Iowa City, Iowa Area
Facilitator and developer of a new model for public informal science education for children, adults, and gifted children. Current focus is on doing outreach events with our traveling planetarium and also providing information / talks on science literacy and the "STEM challenge"
(Open)1 project

Principle Investigator

University of Iowa
 –  (5 years)
Headed 5-person group in research in neurophysiology of auditory nerve

- Grant information:
- Title: "Auditory nerve responses to electric pulse trains"
- Role: Principal Investigator
- Source: NIH, NIDCD
- Grant number: R01DC006478
- Funded amount: $2.2 million
- Grant period: 5 years
- FTE's supported: 4.15

- Work description / Skills:
Auditory physiologist specialing in gross evoked potentials and single-auditory-nerve-fiber recordings from mammalian animal models for applied research related to clinical auditory prostheses (aka "cochlear implants").

Expertise included (1) systems physiology, (2) animal surgery, (3) complex data reduction, (4) software programming, (5) NIH grant writing, (6) scholarly publications (over 40).

Adjunct Associate Professor

University of Iowa
 –  (13 years)
- Taught graduate-level course in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders

- Served as faculty committee member on several doctoral-student committees

- Supervised doctoral candidates in their laboratory research within the Auditory Physiology Research Laboratory, Department of Otolaryngology, University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics

co-investigator / advisor

University of Iowa
 –  (1 year 1 month)
Advisor / Supervisor for a colleague's funded research activity

- Investigator: Ning Hu, M.D., Ph.D.
- Funding organization: National Organization for Hearing Research
- Funded amount: $20,000
- Title: "Correlating Clinical Measures of Cochlear-Implant Channel Interaction to Auditory-Nerve Activation"

Member of local media-reform group (Iowans for Better Local Television)

 –  (2 years)
- Built and maintained website and web-based petition for civic group
interested in improving accountability of local media ( after a local television station / network smeared local citizen

- Helped with effort to create a Petition to Deny Relicensure that was submitted to the FCC

- Conducted quantitative research regarding televised program content and across-station comparisons


University of Iowa
 –  (6 years 9 months)
Neural Prosthesis Program Contract N01-DC-2-1005 (funded through July 1, 2002 to June 30, 2006)
"The Effects of Remaining Hair Cells on Cochlear Implant Function"
Paul J. Abbas, Principle Investigator
Charles A. Miller, Co investigator

Neural Prosthesis Program RFP NIH DC 98 11 (funded from 1 July 99 to 30 June 02)
"The Effects of Remaining Hair Cells on Cochlear Implant Function"
Paul J. Abbas, Principle Investigator
Charles A. Miller, Co investigator
Jay T. Rubinstein, Co-investigator

Neural Prosthesis Program RFP NIH DC 98 141 (renewal funded from 1 Oct 99 to 31 Sep 02)
"The Neurophysiological Effects of Simulated Auditory Prosthesis Stimulation"
Paul J. Abbas, Principle Investigator
Jay T. Rubinstein, Co-investigator
Charles A. Miller, Co-investigator

NIH R29 DC02822 “Development of a cochlear neuron electrophysiology model”
Lianne A. Cartee, Ph.D, Principle Investigator
Chris van den Honert, Co-investigator
Charles C. Finley, Co-investigator
Charles A. Miller, Co-investigator (subcontract)

Teaching / Research Fellowship

University of Iowa
 –  (5 years 2 months)
Departments of Speech Pathology & Audiology and
Otolaryngology * Head & Neck Surgery
University of Iowa Cochlear Implant Program Project

Test Systems Engineer

 –  (3 years 2 months)
Created automated test software and interface electronics for post-manufacture testing of communication equipment as part of in-factory quality assurance.