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Friday, 6 February 2015

Finally An Answer why so many Catholics are afraid of community.

I have come to this conclusion after meeting with several families in the East who absolutely do not want community. The epiphany came after some discussions with a friend.

These families are either involved in one secret society or another, all condemned by the Church.

Simple. If Catholics are already involved in a secret society, they are not going to want real, open community.

Plus, as we know, there is demonic influence in the secret societies. The occult looms large, as do many modernist heresies.

So, these groupings have loyalties elsewhere already. And, the fear of strangers is a mark of those caught up in Masonry.

Big in the eastern states is one of the condemned societies based directly on Masonry, the Grange. Another big s.s. out here is Woodmen of the World.

Real Christian community, centered on Christ and the Catholic Church, would be seen in opposition to these secret groups.

To me, the Catholic Church has been so weakened from within because of these false and occult loyalties, that I cannot see communities or pods happening in certain areas.

Check this out again....