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Thursday, 5 February 2015

Meanderings from a conversation....

An interesting discussion with a seminarian led to the idea that most if not all the politicians in the West are speaking out of a philosophical vacuum. Most politicians are not trained or choosing even utilitarianism or communism, much less natural law philosophy, but merely "sensationalism".

Politics has become mere reactions, and the purposeful creation of issues which ignore the really important issues.

Such issues as global warming and even immigration are not, of course, the real issues which governments should be addressing.

Even the dire financial situations in most of the Western nations are not the main issues.

The main issue which politicians must address is simply that of natural law philosophy.

These questions must be addressed.

Who is man? Why does he exist? What is the purpose of human life?

What is the purpose of society? What does society owe the individual? What does the individual owe society?

And so on.

One of the subjects of discussion with this sem surrounded the idea that the theology of the body has twisted the reality of the role of the couple and the family in society.

The Catholic ideal of society never merely included the family as the center of society.

Catholic culture included celibacy from the very beginnings of the Church as one of the two important calls of humans to build the Kingdom of God.

From the Pope, to the bishops, to the priests, and deacons, as well as the religious, including monks, brothers and nuns, celibacy formed just as important a center of society as the family.

It is only after the Protestant Revolt that celibacy was denigrated, no longer seen as essential to the common good.

It is my opinion that the emphasis on the family in the theology of the body puts too much pressure on families, pressure which is unnecessary and simply, not Catholic.

In the coming days of trial, families will need celibates even more, those dedicated to the consecrated life of prayer and penance.

Couples and families need priests and nuns as the praying centers of battle.

Can we move back to the Catholic paradigm of society? Is it too late?