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Thursday, 5 February 2015

Podding Again

I always think that I have written the last post on podding and then I meet people who want to start up community but do not know how to do so.

Here are a few points:
  1. In order to survive in the coming evil trials, one must not be alone or isolated.
  2. One must be prepared to seek out and find like-minded Catholics, who understand what is happening in the Church and out of the Church.
  3. One must be prepared to move. 
  4. One must learn to sacrifice personal gain, things, even unbelieving families in order to create the Kingdom of God on earth.
  5. The community must become a focus of many, and not "owned" by the few.
  6. Mass and Adoration must be part of the community members, as frequently as possible.
  7. The TLM may or may not be the center of such a group-go where people are willing to pod.