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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Comment on a Video

Mr. Voris has a disturbing and interesting question on his most recent video on abortion. He asks what the pro-life movement is doing wrong.

Simple, and I do not think he reads my blog, but I think I have an answer.

Abortion will not end until people come back to Christ and His Church. The pro-life movement has provided excellent service to the Church, but the vast majority of American and British Catholics think contraception is not abortion. Most of the contraceptive methods are abortifacients.

Hearts and minds must be changed through evangelization. This means talking with family members, if they are open, about Christ and the one, true, holy, Catholic and apostolic Church.

Many of those getting abortions are well-to-do middle-aged women who do not want their careers interrupted. Some are minority groups which still use abortion as basic contraception.

The anti-child attitudes of most Gen-Xers and younger people who do not want children has seeped into the Catholic souls of those in the pew. I know too many Catholics who choose not to have children.

Until we, the laity, do our job in bringing people to the Truth, this holocaust will continue.

God have mercy on America and Britain.