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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Getting Off Target

Months ago, a friend of mine told me I was "focused".  I was not quite sure what she meant until this past weekend, when I realized that too many Catholics have been looking at the wrong things in their lives instead of what is important.

I have mentioned this on this blog regarding apparition chasers, who, instead of reading the encyclicals or the CCC, insist on following unapproved words and visions.

But, this past weekend, it was clear to me that other things can cause a Catholic not to be focused on their spiritual life. When one is focused, one keeps up with daily prayer, daily Scripture reading, going to daily Mass and Adoration, if possible, and working on defeating one's predominant fault.

Remembering that only the perfect see God focuses one. To aim at purgatory reminds me of the errors in shooting practice above.

Aiming at purgatory could be "thumbing".  Running away from daily examination of conscience and not going to weekly Confession could be "tightening grip while pulling the trigger" or it could mean, as well, as paying too much attention to conspiracy theories about Rome.

Not dealing with venial sin may be "breaking wrist down or drooping the head."

Procrastinating in the spiritual life and falling into sloth could be "jerking", trying to squeeze into heaven instead of aiming at heaven.

Chasing after apparitions could be "finger not on the trigger correctly." This means too little study of the Faith.

Superstition from spiritual pride, as in Gnosticism, may be called "pushing: anticipating recoil."

Refusing to repent of new age addictions may be called, "heeling: anticipating recoil." This means not following through one's commitment to Church teaching and fudging on some things, like yoga.

And, worst of all, holding onto unorthodox positions, either from the far left or far right of the spectrum, as in liberal Phariseeism or rad-trad Phariseeism, could be called "breaking wrist up."

Focusing requires always looking at the center of the target, life with Christ.

Christ focuses us if we allow Him to train us, correct us, change us.

Too many Catholics are "off target" and they will not find the center of the target without repentance, mortification, very regular attendance at the sacraments, humility.

To be focused is not to let anything get in the way of one's life with Christ, as He ordains it.