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Monday, 9 March 2015

From A Reader

European Parliament Votes on abortion this week
Take two minutes today to email your MEPs asking them to reject abortion

Many people will recall a vote in the European Parliament which took place in December 2013 on a Report called 'Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights'. The report, proposed by Portuguese MEP Edite Estrela included a number of recommendations that promoted the provision of abortion. Following representations from pro-life advocates across Europe the report was rejected and an alternative report adopted.

The rejection of that report showed that grassroots efforts of pro-life people advocating for authentic human rights have an impact.

This week, the European Parliament will debate the Tarabella and Panzeri reports which again seek to promote abortion across Europe.

Can you take just two minutes today to email your MEPS to ask them to resolutely reject the provisions that promote abortion in the Tarabella and Panzeri reports? 

Please find below your MEP's email addresses: 


Lynn Boylan:      
Nessa Childers:  
Brian Hayes:      


Matt Carthy:        
Luke 'Ming' Flanagan:
Marian Harkin:     
Mairead McGuinness:


Deirdre Clune:     
Brian Crowley:     
Seán Kelly:          
Liadh Ni Riada:    

You can find more details about your MEPs here

Read more about the background to the reports, find links to the reports and sign a petition from CitizenGo here

Thank you.