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Monday, 9 March 2015

‘My father, if the prophet had asked you to do something difficult, would you not have done it?"

In today's first reading at Mass, from 2 Kings 5:1-15, Naaman, the leper, is told to wash in the River Jordan. He balks at Elisha's suggestion, as he notes that the rivers of his country are cleaner that the Jordan.

But, he is not objecting to the river, but to the simplicity of the manner of healing.

Some people want drama in their lives regarding healing. But, all God usually wants is the regular use of the sacraments and sacramentals in order to bring about healing.

I have been against so-called healing Masses for a very long time. The last time I went to one, I noticed that many of the people praying over others were not obeying the Catholic Church and out of order, not only regarding the laying of hands, but in the use of Protestant prayers with incorrect theological ideas, and with the fact that these people disagreed with some of the teachings of the Catholic Church. Pride and egotism about "my ministry" stops the flow of grace and the life of the virtues. One cannot be holy if one is not orthodox, as noted here many times. Pride and the emotions are behind seeking out such ministries. The humble, quiet ways are usually God's ways.

In fact, demonic influence was coming from some of the people who were praying...and several people with whom I discussed this later found this to be true in their lives.

The most simple way to be healed is to repent of unforgiveness. An examination of conscience reveals hatred and bitterness for the past sins against one. But, how one reacts to these hurts determines healing.

I know, as I have written on this blog, three women and one man, now deceased, who were sexually molested by a priest for years and years. None left the Church. All but one got married and raised their children in the Church. Forgiveness brought healing. Confession brought healing.

The simplicity of the way of Catholic healing has been overshadowed by showy and false ways of release. One of the main points of the retreat this past weekend is that we have the power from baptism and confirmation to become free of demonic influences.

Because of the theological errors and the liturgical aberrations, such as a priest walking around with the monstrance and having people touch it, completely against the true guidelines from the Vatican, and against the propriety of Eucharistic worship, healing Masses must end.

The simple reveals truth, not the dramatic....