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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

From A Reader

A reader sent me this concerning the coming persecution in and out of the Church. It is rather beautiful

I have an analogy for you they I believe fits what is going on in the Church today. I was meditating on all that is happening and thus us what struck me.

The Church is being pruned much like a gardener prunes and cares for his roses.

 If let to grown with out care and pruning the bush will grow weak. Producing small weak roses that have little fragrance and produce no seed.

The dead diseased stalked will eat away at the healthy ones causing those to die off as well.

To protect the bush and produce beautiful roses with a great fragrance the gardener will prune heavily once a year at the coldest point of the year...keeping only the strongest stalks. Sometimes, he must choose between two very strong stalks that are growing too close together. He may prune one of the two stalks (martyrs) for the greater good of the bush.

In the spring time strong new stalks will grow producing abundant roses. Some roses may be left to seed producing a new rose, (charisms and movements), some roses will be harvested. If not cared for some roses will die on the bush. Then the cycle will begin again.

Such is one reason for the coming persecution in and out of the Church.