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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

WOW! What a condemnation of some German clerics

Look at this. Schism in the making..or worse. Thanks to a fellow blogger for the update.

At a February 25 press conference, Cardinal Marx—who is the president of the German bishops’ conference, as well as a member of the Council of Cardinals—said: “We are not a branch of Rome.” Regarding the hotly debated issue of allowing Communion to remarried Catholics, which will be discussed by the Synod of Bishops in October, he said: “We cannot wait for a Synod to tell us how we have to shape pastoral care for marriage and family here.”
In a letter to the editor of Die Tagespost, Cardinal Cordes took issue with those statements. He said that he had chosen “to object publicly to some of the utterances, in order to limit the confusion which they have caused.”

“The existing German ecclesial apparatus is completely unfit to work against growing secularism,” Cardinal Cordes said.