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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Heresy Part Five-Making Bricks without Straw

Satan has been ahead of us each step of the way. We have anticipated attacks on the liturgy, but Satan is attacking the sacraments. We thought Satan was attacking education, but it is his attack on apologetics and logical, rational Catholic thinking.

We are in a snowstorm of attack, we know things are wrong, but they are wrong is so many different areas, we cannot keep up. Satan is ahead of us. The entire root system is rotten, and we have been attacking the branches.

We thought marriage was being attacked just by ssm when marriage is being attacked in the Church, by those who are attacking the concept of grace itself.

Dogmatic theology is gone. If we do not understand the metaphysics, we cannot understand ecclesiology or Christology. This is Fr. Barron's problem. He gets the apologetic wrong. Patheos gets the apologetics wrong. So many commentators get the apologetics wrong.

We do not understand WHY things are wrong, as we have not gone through the processes....We have not attacked the disease, we attack the rash.

We are not taking the radical approach, going to the root of things, as we do not understand the real battles.

The neo-cons of Catholicism have taken over the battle and they do not see the root.

Rahner had to know the faith to be heretical. The newbies cannot do this--understand the heresies--, as there are no more polymaths. Traditionalists, like me, fall back on the Church Fathers, and Trent, but the neo-cons "best guess" by winging it.

Why I do not read all the blogs and news, is that it is much more important to read the real deals.

Aquinas, Augustine, and the great reformers of Trent. Even in the famous stolen book, the metaphysics of marriage were not touched. Nothing on the Josephite marriage. Nothing on the Holy Family but only in allusion, not developed which is necessary.

We cannot fight ssm and the German idea without looking at the metaphysics of marriage.

Where is the understanding of Familiaris Consortio. Why?

One cannot recogize the enemy without apologetical studies. This is too painfully seen on many blogs and in many Catholic newpapers and magazines.

For example, I can say that backdoor Jansenism is gradualism. Jansenism has never left the Church. Because I can spot this, I can see how Satan is attacking the very truths of the sacraments and grace through some members of the Synod.

The neo-con Catholics scare me. They are giving us half-truths and even heresies, even from priests who write online and do not have the moral training.

Creed, code and cult,   the why is gone.

I need to go back and to a doctorate on my original topic which has not been done, but there is a bit in Garrigou-Lagrange. But, I cannot afford this...

Here is the problem of the the bold face.

Hence the treatise on grace belongs to the moral part of theology no less than the treatise on law. Moral theology is not a science distinct from dogmatic theology, since the formal object (objectum formale quod et quo) is ever the same: God under the aspect of His Deity so far as it falls under virtual revelation. It would be surprising if the moral part of sacred theology did not treat of the necessity of grace for doing good conducive to salvation and of the effects of grace, i.e., justification and merit. Indeed, if moral theology is deprived of these treatises, it will be reduced almost to casuistry, which is only its lowest application, as asceticism and mysticism are its highest applications.  Garrigou-Lagrange Grace

Read Humanae Vitae for the type of texts we need now.

The neo-cons do not know how to combat Satan at this level.

I shall write more later.