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Sunday, 8 March 2015

Synchronicity again..

Remember many days ago when I wrote a post on the fact that the ancient gods and goddesses were demons?

Here is that post.

Father Xavier shared that the demons who were all once glorious angels now do the opposite of what they were created to do.

For example, if a demon was an angel made to adore God in the highest realms of heaven, he would now be a demon who blasphemes and hates worship. And so on.

One of the demonic influences has been the purposeful misunderstanding that the gods and goddesses of the ancient world are not demonic. Yes, they are.

Father told us of a demon who was created to love seminarians and foster vocations--a caring, nurturing angel who would have brought many men into the priesthood.

Guess what? This angel fell and is now a demon who stops vocations, hinders vocations, and attacks those who want to be priests.

The name of the is demon is Loki. Yes, you heard correctly, the god of mischief and deceit in the ancient Norse world. Years ago on this blog, I wrote about the Poetic Edda, which I studied for one of my degrees. Loki is nasty, period.

To know how powerful this demon is may be seen in the fall of vocations across the world. He is responsible for mischief...making a man think of money or business or women instead of looking at his vocation.  Loki is a liar, of course, as all demons are, but in a particular way, leading men into the pursuit of success and comfort in the world instead of the hardships of being a priest.

To know the name of the demon shows us the darkness of those ancient pagans who worshiped these fallen angels, and to see how these types of demons work in the world today.

There is a way to combat this demon, which Catholics in sanctifying grace can do. Apparently, shared Father Xavier, demons hate specific sacramentals. Loki hates anything to do with the devotion to the Sacred Heart. He gets upset with the Sacred Heart of Jesus. If you want to pray, as I do, for those who are neglecting or having trouble with their vocations, Father said to do a holy hour to the Sacred Heart for these men. There is too much worldliness and such a holy hour is a main way to combat Loki.

This demon is also sensitive to reparation made to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

When I was in Tyburn, one of the things I loved was the devotion to the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus.

Marie Adele Garnier saw this overlap, an insight given to her by God, of the Sacred Heart and Adoration of the Eucharist.

This is what I want to do in my house of adoration exactly--pray for priests, especially for vocations and the Latin Mass, pray for seminarians.

Now, I know one thing I am up against.

Interestingly, in connected with this, I met two ladies who started what is now a Vatican recognized organization, an Association of the Faithful. Two started the whole thing. One of the foundresses told me yesterday that one only needs to start with two. I know this....

A house was given to them by a kind person and now the group which serves this order numbers thirty people, living in proximity, and serving God.

Pray for me and that one other person...if this is God's Will. I was correct, she said, in discerning that one only needs two...

posts on authority and virtues coming up later...