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Monday, 20 April 2015

Any Catholic Groups Doing This?


Pro-Family Leaders Gather at Supreme Court to "Restrain the Judges"

Hundreds of Thousands of "Restraining Orders" to be Delivered


Pastor Corey Shankleton 567-337-9399
Steven Hotze, MD 512-799-2260
Mark Gurley: 616-884-5314

Leaders from across the Nation will host a press conference at the steps of the Supreme Court at 10:00 a.m. on Monday, April 27th--the day before the oral arguments on marriage.

"We will be delivering hundreds of thousands of 'Restraining Orders' from Americans who stand united against a Court contemplating the Roe v. Wade of Marriage." said Janet (Folger) Porter, President of Faith2Action, and producer of the new documentary film on marriage entitled "Light Wins: How to Overcome The Criminalization of Christianity."

"We will obey God rather than judges who violate our Christian beliefs, and the First Amendment of the Constitution," added Porter. "We are calling on Congress to remove their jurisdiction to rule on marriage and defund all enforcement and implementation of every federal anti-marriage ruling."

Steven Hotze, M.D., President of Conservative Republicans of Texas said, "Texans will not follow an unjust ruling, so unless the Supreme Court wants to become irrevelant, they better not issue one."

Those in attendance include:

Janet Porter, President, Faith2Action
Dr. Steven Hotze, President, Conservative Republicans of Texas
Andy Schlafly, Attorney, Eagle Forum
Rev. Bill Owens, Coalition of African American Pastors
Peter LaBarbera, Americans for Truth
Bill Johnson, American Decency
Scott Lively, Abiding Truth Ministries
Glyn Wright, Executive Director, Eagle Forum, Washington, D.C.
David Pickup, LMFT/Reparative Therapy Center of Dallas
Greg Quinlan, Ex-Homosexual, New Jersey Family Policy Council
Grace Harley, Ex-transgender, One Solitary Voice International
Pastor Corey Shankleton, Ex-homosexual, Emerging Streams
Mark Gurley, The Oak Initiative
Diane Gramley, American Family Association, PA
Kay Daly, Coalition for a Fair Judiciary

More information about the "Restraining Orders" can be found at See the trailer for the film at:

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