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Friday, 24 April 2015

Irish Connections

A really interesting article about Ireland sent to me by a friend, who like me, knows that the Irish have given up their sovereignty. This is written from the point of view of the Irish who worked for democracy and a Catholic nation. I have visited Ireland at least four times in five years, spending much time there. I have seen the loss of Faith and the love of money cause this nation, now with the highest GNP of all EU nations, to become Godless.

"His perturbation at the state of Ireland, his confusion, his acute pain at the abandonment he would feel, was most callously condensed into a single statement by An Taoiseach who, in referring to the referendum on the redefinition of marriage, said:

'As we approach the centenary of the Rising, a Yes vote would, I believe, send out a powerful signal internationally that Ireland has evolved into a fair, compassionate and tolerant nation.'

The insinuation was clear: the leaders of ’16 were unfair, merciless and intolerant. And even worse, no party in the Oireachtas, none of those who so proudly proclaim their political lineage to the Rising, raised a voice to contradict such a contemptuous statement."

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