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Monday, 6 April 2015

Some clarity on oppressions, obsessions and possessions

Most of what I know is from Father Chad Ripperger. But, for those of you who have not listened to his talks or read his books, I can give a small synopsis and clarification on some points. Also, you can go back and look at the notes from Father Xavier's retreat in early March.

First of all, Fr. Ripperger rightly teaches that most of those who are baptized, in sanctifying grace, have the power they need to deal with most oppressions and obsessions. This was repeated by the priest, Father Xavier, at the retreat I attended in March.

A few bullet points:

  • Oppressions are demonic influences from years of sin and from families handing down such demonic influences through sinful lives. These can be dealt with by a person in sanctifying grace with the aid of a priest who is trained in such. Fr. Ripperger taught that one can identify these oppressions through prayer and turn against them. But, one must also repent of the sins connected to the oppressions.
  • Obsessions are similar but much more serious. For example, a person may be oppressed with a demonic influence towards lust, and can repent and pray against the oppression. But, an obsession is incessant, leading to greater temptations and "obsessive thoughts", and in this example. porn for example. One can also pray these away, as noted by the known exorcist, but only with great persistence in prayer. 
  • Catholics can be released and healed by daily Mass, weekly Confession and during Adoration.
  • There are few possessions, but these are becoming more and more common because of the growing involvement with the occult.
  • At the retreat I went on in March, Father Xavier noted many of the points above. Just follow the label for that retreat.
  • Both prayers against the demonic influences and repentance are needed in these cases of oppression and obsession. Please, please avoid the charismatics.
  • Without working on these, one cannot get through much purification and freedom from mortal and venial sin.