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Friday, 10 April 2015

Thoughts on Baptism

I have been musing on the difference between the difference between the old rite and the new rite of baptism. I have been wondering if some people notice a difference in children in their families of those actually baptism in the old rite and those in the new.

I had my son baptized in the old rite in 1988, with permission of course. The reason I wanted this, besides the fact that we were Latin Mass Catholics, was that this rite contains the exorcism. The new one does not.

I want parents to think about this--whether they notice a difference in their own families between those who have been baptized in the old rite and those in the new.

Obviously, I have not hard data, but my questions would center around children who have fallen away and children who have not.

When exactly the new rite started, I do not know. But, I encourage new Catholic parents to use the Old Rite. One can ask permission for this, and I never know this has been refused.

I remind families of this fact on this meme.