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Thursday, 9 April 2015

STM on Education

I have gone on record for supporting only NAPCIS schools and home-schooling.

Here is the NAPCIS site.

You can look at my many, many posts on home schooling.

I saw the rot in the 1980s. The lack of Faith in most Catholic schools was seen by many of us then.

Contraception must be taken into account as well as Mass attendance.

No surprises in 2015.

The nuns started the lack of faith...sorry, this has to be addressed.

I had faithful nuns in grade school and high school, but not in college.

The nuns had left the Faith.

Let us be honest about this.

We can never go back to those happy days.

Go home schoolers!!!!!

As soon as a school takes government money, it is compromising.

I home schooled and STS went to TAC.

I have a Master's Teacher's Certification from NAPCIS.

The Catholic Church started education in Europe after the fall of the Roman Empire.

The Benedictines passed on the great classical education. St. Anselm re-introduced classical ed into the seminaries. I used to give talks on these facts.