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Sunday, 24 May 2015

Getting Behind The Lines

One of my military friends told me today that sometimes one soldier has to pull another one out of the line of fire. "Get down, you....." or similar words would be expressed to get a soldier out of range for enemy bullets.

Some of us are sensing the time for pulling friends, or being pulled, out of bullet range may be coming soon, if that time is not here already.

Since I have been given access to private wifi in the past few days, I am back in the trenches, but wondering if I am a bolo rather than a crack shot.

When one is on line, one is in Indian country, and one may be called to be a snake eater. However, there are times when one's buddies pull one down below the bullets of Those People.

I admit I am a trench monkey. But, I am sure glad of those who have pulled me back recently and have told me to hat up.

If I am blogging less, even with wifi access, I am hatting up and I may become a Jawa.

Thanks to Major....for the I have just come out of a serious ruck up situ.

To ruck up comes from to get your rucksack and move out.....