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Sunday, 24 May 2015

The New Evangelization from Rome

Out of all the things which have been discussed abut the Synod, one issue which seems to be ignored is the fact that there has been for centuries, a division between what the local churches in Europe, and in America, have preached and "accepted" at the local level, and what Rome has taught. The old fight of the Modernists and Ultramontanists must date back to the Avignon Papacy.  I do not want to give a history lesson here, but refer to the general problem which has existed between so-called pastoral applications and doctrine.

Out of the great tensions of the 14th century came the consolidation of Trent and, finally, the inspired writings of the greatest popes to bring Rome to the center of policies and practices again, Popes Pius IX and X. But, in Europe and in certain areas of America, the desire to make decisions outside the rules and guidelines of Rome created the isms which have infiltrated the Church today.

Marriage is not the only issue of the Synod. The need for bishops and cardinals, perhaps at a time when the curia of Rome has fallen into the worst corruption since the Renaissance, to come to some agreement about following Rome's guidance, could lead to a real new evangelization.

Conciliarism was a response to the Avignon Papacy scandal. Although the extreme version of this was condemned, the better angels of the movement created the climate for Trent to be not only successful, but a powerful source for the new evangelization of the colonial period.

The common problem of priests and bishops departing from Catholic orthodox teaching on marriage, Communion, grace and authority may be solved in the real effort to allow the Holy Spirit to inspire those good bishops and cardinals to lead the Church away from both Modernism and Ultramontanism. More than ever, the Church must be united.

With the powers of evil rising to a pitch which resembles the beginning of the marshalling of evil for the Last Battle, the Pope has called together the good, the bad and the ugly to come to clarity on doctrine so that there is no contradiction between the pastoral and the doctrinal.

Pray for the Pope, who I believe has good intentions concerning a new energy which could come out of the Synod for a new evangelization, as happened after Trent.