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Saturday, 27 June 2015

From Today's Morning Prayer

One of the intentions struck me as apropos for our day today...we ask God that

our homes be the pledge of a world redeemed.

Home is where holiness begins and is nurtured-not schools, not the market place.

More than ever, the responsibility of parents to pass on the Faith must be seen as a priority in our time. 

I have shared this story online before, but here it is again.

My son's birth was extremely difficult. He almost died, as he stopped breathing in the womb five times. His apgar scores were zero, and his dad and I expected him to be severely mentally impaired. We said together we would love him whatever the loss of ability. 

The baby lost nothing in this trauma, through grace, God's mercy, our resignation, and acts of trust.and love.

The next morning, in the ward, (as in those days, the English hospital where the baby was born was an old Victorian building, now torn down), mothers lay in wards, I was sitting on the side of my bed, holding this tiny infant and basking in great joy. The room, full of mums, babies, nurses, buzzed with noise.

Suddenly, baby and I were wrapped in silence. I sensed a "God  moment". Then, I heard the Voice of the Father.

"When you die, I shall ask you one thing. Did you pass your Faith on to your son?"

I mentally said "Yes". I got it. This was the most important job in my life.

After my interior, instant assent, the room became noisy again. I looked at the baby son and knew that he did not belong to me, but to God, and I had a duty to bring him up in and with God to the best of my ability.

So, too, it is with all Catholic parents. So, too, we are given our children to give back to God, and now, in these darkening days, more than ever,we must raise saints.

I failed in many areas. I was too strict in some areas, and not strict enough in others. But, God makes up the difference if we try and do our best. We are sinners trying to raise saints.

Trust in God and be focused. Be very focused. As the prayer today states, make your homes pledges of salvation. Home school. Create times for silence. Do not be conformed to the world. Your children do not have to do everything other children do. They must be trained to be signs of contradiction in the world. Their childhood will be under attack from many sides. But, be faithful, be alert.

Grace will follow grace.