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Saturday, 27 June 2015

Helpful Hints Re: Our Persecutors

Years ago, when I was working with "at risk students", I had to take a course on classroom techniques regarding diffusing tense and potentially violent situations.

One learns one's vulnerability to various psychological "hooks" and one learns to avoid getting into certain patterns which can escalate problems.

The problem with persecutors is that they hate solid, strong, unwavering, faithful people. The more peaceful one is, the more the sadists get angry.

But, here are some helpful hints for the beginnings of persecution which many are facing already in the workplace or even at home.
  • Number One: Do not take anger personally, even if the person is angry that you are a Christian. You represent Christ and the Church, and, therefore, the focus in your mind should be on Christ and not yourself.
  • Disengage by asking God to heal your "hooks", which are usually connected to pride and other sins, such as vainglory and the lack of trust in Divine Providence.
  • Fear not. Anger is just anger, Violence hurts, but it has to be, by definition, temporary, as one will either prevail and live, or succumb and die, if the violence is fierce. At this point, anger is what you most likely will encounter. Do not get into someone's else's problem with anger.
  • Transcend your own feelings of inadequacy and even fear by concentrating on Christ.
  • Beg for grace constantly. Be ready. 
  • Do not begin arguments. Evangelize those who are open, not those who are closed and only want to argue. Arguing gains nothing.
  • DO NOT negotiate or compromise. Those persons will hate you, anyway, and you may lose your immortal soul. Plus, and this is most important, one cannot negotiate with either unreality or irrationality. One cannot negotiate with sin or evil. One must stand firm, even in silence.
  • If the person can be rational, say something like, "I know how you feel" or "I know how you think about this issue". Then proceed calmly. Help the other person reflect.
  • Sadly, we may be in a nation where rationality in discussions is no longer possible. Sometimes, one just has to walk away from confrontation. 
  • If one has no authority in their work or home situation, remaining disengaged and peaceful must be essential goals.
  • Do not fall into craven fear. Ask Our Lady and Jesus, and the Holy Spirit for fortitude, called, courage.
  • With God, all things are possible. He will not abandon us if we do not abandon Him.
  • Be reasonable. Always be rational.
  • Ecumenism never, never works. Think about that.
  • But, these points are not the same as not talking about it.