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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

New Blog and New Forum

Working on these two new aspects of my life has led to the names of both the forum and the new blog, which will be on WordPress.

The new blog name will be partly, Recueillement, rescuing the term from Baudelaire, and using it in the original meaning, as employed by Raissa Maritain, as she used it in her writings to mean contemplation, meditation, or recollection, which I shall dive into more deeply in a journal-like blog. The entire title will be more than that word, as the place where I shall be next will be part of the title, in some manner.

The name of the forum will be  Shunamite Women, a reference to the bride in the Song of Songs.

Someone asked me if deacon's wives could join this forum and the answer is yes, but the forum will be orthodox, so liberals may find the discussions difficult.

More to come....God makes new doughnuts every day. I am merely going to be the moderator and catalyst for the forum. Priest's wives and deacon's wives, feel free to start talking about it on facebook or twitter.

OK UPDATE: STS, my technical adviser, will be setting up two different spaces on the forum--one for blog comments and one for discussion. Also, he rightly points out the Recueillement is hard to spell for people putting the word into google for a search...sigh, I did not think of this.

So, that may not be the name.

Back to the drawing board and will get back to you later.