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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Sort of Silly Comment To Be Addressed and A Repost

Someone (female) asked me why I did not go into government housing and have a retreat and house of adoration there.

Sometimes I am astounded at the naiveté of some of the Catholic public.

First of all, no Mass or Adoration could occur in such an apartment.

Second, no one would be able to stay overnight for quiet retreats on a regular basis.

Third. no bishop would allow Jesus in the Monstrance in government housing.

Fourth, I am trying to keep this endeavor low key and hidden.

Fifth, those people going into government housing are getting stuck there and in some states, believe it or not, cannot move out.

Sixth, common sense......recusants did not live in the same palace as Henry VIII unless they had bags of money to protect them. He even killed his own godmother, who had been at court for years, Blessed Margaret Pole, and more on her below....

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

"The Last Plantagenet"

I posted something about this great saint last year. Margaret Pole remains one of the most interesting saints of the horrible purge of Henry VIII, and one of his most famous victims. She was obviously a saint before her martyrdom. One of her sons, Reginald, became Cardinal Pole, the last Catholic Archbishop of Canterbury.

I share these links with you this morning. May she intercede for all of us.

And here is a link to a book on her, which I have not read, but would love to do so. I am praying and putting out feelers for the Tyburn-Walsingham connection-Adoration in the fields of the martyrs. Please continue to pray for that cause-the house of prayer in Walsingham. (Update---now to be someplace else, of course, as that house sold. Looking at the States at this time.)