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Thursday, 23 July 2015

Synchronicity Again and Again

I did not know Father Peter Dally.  I do not know his wife, Mary, but I have his wife's book, signed by her, and a paper cutting from his retirement. It is interesting that the book was published in the same year as the birth of a priest-to-be, STS.

It is by accident that I was given the book. The last quotation in the paper cutting, from the Eastern Oklahoma Catholic, dated January 10, 1998, reads, "There is a special place in heaven for the wives of priests." I was supposed to read this book and paper cutting.

Someone asked me why I think I should start a forum for priest and deacons' wives--because I can, and I see the need, are the two answers. As the moderator, I shall jump-start discussions and let the ladies take over.

Father Dally was one of the first Episcopalians in America to be accepted for ordination into the Catholic priesthood through the Pastoral Provision. He died in 2007.

During his Catholic priestly life, he worked in the Tulsa Diocese, and lived in Skiatook. His ministry took him into the Byzantine Catholic Rite, where he worked. He is buried in Langlois, Oregon.

I just started reading the book, which will help me understand priests' wives even more. I first met several years ago, when I was working on a book on Ordinariate priests, and interviewing the wives as well. If I were back in England, I would be continuing the wife part of the book, but as I am not, I am setting up the forum.

These women form a formidable group of silent servants in the Church. Whether wives of Pastoral Provision priests, or Ordinariate priests from three different continents, they need our prayers and support.

Remember, the forum is called Shunamite Women, and when my technical adviser can finish setting up the new blog and forum, after two solid weeks of travelling, I shall place the links on this blog. In the meantime, wives of priests and deacons may think of signing up for the forum.

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