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Tuesday, 25 August 2015

From One of My Gurus

I knew all of this, but he said it better early this morning.

China is devaluing their currency which is purposeful attack on U.S. Currency. By doing so they increase the cost of our debt.: Pushing potential interest rate increase.

 Potential responses by the fed: 

1) Raise interest rates to stem off the inflation rate that could result. If that happens the interest in the national debt could skyrocket causing a potential default on debt. Default = war with China, Russia, India, etc.

 2) America will raise taxes significantly or confiscate wealth to buy back the debt. Result collapse economy.

 3) Severe austerity measures in benefits to soc sec, subsidies, etc. result see like Greece on a larger scale.

 4) Some combination of all three. This will have the same end result of all three.

5) China and Russia could combine forces to bring us down economically by leveraging debt and consolidating forces against us as it becomes clear that we can not pay. Result = invasion.

6) China's economy is in a downward spiral. It will drag the world with them. History repeats itself. When that happens they will look for war and somebody to blame. That will be the U.S. The rest of the western world will turn its back in the U.S

See my short stories of 2013 and 2014....I predicted war and invasion in some of  those stories.

Also, I can say now that we are in the fight, that I had three days of visions of this coming tragedy and worse in the summer of 2008. Some of the images I put into the stories. I told some people. Most ignored me, which is expected, as a prophet is never heard in his or her own town.

If America defunds PP, God may relent. But, remember, this president does not want to step down and can easily make a situation or cooperate with those who are making a situation for martial law.