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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

More nonsense from The Tablet....

An author in The Tablet, Linda Woodhead, asks for a syncretic religion, instead of the one, true, holy and apostolic Church. She examines the abandoning of what she calls "traditions" for what she describes as "real religion" and what I would describe as new age hodge-podge.

A few quotations from her article shows us a person who believes in some sort of religious faith, but not The Faith. "everyday, lived religion--is thriving and evolving, whilst hierarchical, dogmatic forms of religion are marginalized." Tell this to the millions of Muslim converts and Evangelical converts in the world, who prize doctrinal statements and laws, as well as some types of hierarchical structure.

Woodhead states as well, that the new Catholics who loved the visit of the Pope in England do not follow the teachings of the Church. Ummm, how does she know?

Here is her lame excuse to this syncretic happy, Utopian view--"So why continue to insist on clear-cut categories? It is because it suits us: it suits those still running the major world religions; it suits those who fear fundamentalism and love to create monsters so that they can fear them; and it is because the media love a sharp,simple profile."

Thanks to the Hermeneutic of Continuity
Where does The Tablet find these people? Obviously, she is a relativist with regard to religion and does not believe in the Revelation of Christ regarding the institution of His Church on earth. She also does not believe in absolute Truth, Who is a Person, called Christ.