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Friday, 13 July 2012

On Abortion and Automatic Excommunication

I would like to write about the sin of abortion being confessed in the Confessional. A reminder for women that not all priests have this power to release the woman from the automatic excommunication which results.

Some priests, and I know two, have the power to release an excommunication in the Confessional, but only when this is specifically written out in their FACULTIES.

Some bishops want to see each woman who has had an abortion personally to relieve the excommunication. There is one bishop in Ireland who does that. Some bishops give this special faculty to priests in their dioceses, but NOT all priests have this written out in their faculties.

I have seen such, and I know that it must be specifically in the faculties, as a good priest explained and showed me when I inquired about this. The wording is very specific.

Remember, that a person who is in mortal sin, or one who is excommunicated, receives no sanctifying grace through any of the sacraments, until she confesses in the proper manner and in the case of excommunication, returns to the Church.

The bishop of each diocese has the power to give or withhold the special faculties given to a priest who can remove the excommunication.
Here is the Canon Law: 1398: A person who procures a completed abortion incurs a latae sententiae excommunication.

Think, pray, repent, return. God loves you. We are so fortunate to have the sacrament of Confession and absolute, as well as the chance to return to the Church after excommunication.

By the way, as an aside, in June, many pro-life posters were vandalized. One can read the article here and look at photos and a video. I warn you, the site is an anarchist's site.

Update: this post is to help women who have had abortions and not to scare them away. If one understands the process, it makes it easier. These are not my rules, but those of the Church. There is wisdom is looking at the seriousness of the sin and what that sin has done to the person as well. The Church is considering the woman's welfare.