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Friday, 13 July 2012

Responses to Readers on Recent Posts--First, Abortion.

I shall try and address some excellent comments and questions on two posts from today. The Americans get them six or eight hours earlier, as I write at night before Europe wakes up, usually and post at Midnight and thereabouts.

However, let me write two posts on these subjects.

This first one will tackle the abortion and excommunication issue.

Firstly, for those who agreed with the post, I can only say "thanks". I may have emphasized that Canon Law cover Catholics, but if a person is a Catholic and falls away, they are still a Catholic. As Aslan states in Narnia, "Once a king and queen in Narnia, always a king and queen in Narnia." We get indelible marks from Baptism and Confirmation (not counting the one priests get in Holy Orders). One cannot erase those, sorry.

Secondly, intention does not matter. Fear and panic may lessen the status a crime and levels of culpability, but the crime stands none the less. That is why the Canon exists.

Thirdly, the Church has determined Canon Law 1398, not Supertradmum. I am always sharing Church's teaching on the subjects of abortion and the sacraments. I have discussed this point with several priests who have said that the Canon Law clearly covers the sin of abortion without any other circumstances intervening. Obviously, if a woman is held down and forced, as recently in China, if she were a Catholic, the Canon would not hold. But, free will decisions do have consequences in Canon Law. Sin has to be a free decision, but one's lifestyle can lead to a lack of freedom and for that, each one of us is responsible. For example, if one chooses to take and become addicted to drugs, and then gets pregnant and has an abortion, one is still responsible. 

As to knowing if there is a penalty, one only needs to read the CCC and the Internet, as publicly this Canon has been promulgated since 1983, with bishops, such as the one in Ireland, clearly stating the case. It begs the question to state that if one does not know, one is not guilty-especially in the case of murdering a baby. That the Church has made a Canon Law on this point is to help the women realize the seriousness of the act in a world of relativism. That is why the special faculties exist.

Lastly, one cannot ignore the wisdom of these abortion laws. One needs to realize the seriousness of the sin and to repent. Coming back to the Church is the Mercy of God. All of us rely on God's Mercy. Thanks be to God.