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Monday, 26 November 2012

Errors of Doctrine Found in Conversations with Traditional Catholics

One of my readers, who is a catechist, asked if I would list some of the doctrinal errors found among Traditional Catholics, which I have encountered, both here in Eire, and in Great Britain. I shall list errors which are in the Creed and not in the Creed. I shall list errors here which are in contradiction to the Teaching Magisterium of the Church, especially in encyclicals, which are, as from the Chair of Peter, binding on the faithful.

These are not in order of importance, but merely as I recall them. This is not an exhaustive list.

1. Socialism is compatible with Catholic Teaching.
2. Babies who are not baptized are children of God and heirs of heaven (see 19).
3. Ignorance of the Gospel mitigates all punishment.
4. Civil marriage of same sex couples is ok, but not sacramental marriage
5. God is too good to send anyone to hell; hell is empty, if it exists.
6.Parents are not responsible for their minor children's souls, and therefore not punishable.
7.Tithing or giving money to the Church is not necessary.
8.The three hour fast is obligatory for trad Catholics.
9.Adults are not responsible for their Faith, priests are, or the teachers in the Catholic schools, etc.
10. Grandparents can secretly baptize grandchildren without parents approval or knowledge.
11. Confession alone removes excommunication for an abortion. (See previous blogs on this)
12. Liberal bishops do not have to be obeyed, especially with regard to private revelations.
13. The Novus Ordo is not a valid Eucharist.
14. SSPX confessions and marriages are valid and these can be attended (both need faculties or authority under a bishop of the CC-the Church has not made a public statement on marriages as of yet).
15. One can and should attend invalid marriages in Protestant or Jewish forms, such as that of a fallen away Catholic and unbaptized person for family unity.
16. Canon Law only applies to priests and not the laity.
17. The CCC is too liberal to use.
18. The Church does not dictate custom regarding veils, mantillas and hats for women (Clarification, Canon Law does not dictate, but custom does. However, it is not a sin not to wear a head-covering, although it may be an imperfection.)
19. There is no difference between the soul of an unbaptized baby and a baptized baby or child before the age of reason (denial of Original Sin)
20. Trads should discourage men in following diocesan vocations (This is a serious sin, IMO-Fr. Z is a diocesan priest, as is Fr. Tim Finigan, Fr. Ray Blake and many other Traditional Mass priests.)
21. One can do plenary indulgences for the living, especially fallen away family members.
22. A Catholic or Christian person who abjures Christ to marry a Muslim is not responsible for apostasy.
23. Annulment is wrong, always.
24. Late Confirmation is preferable to earlier as it is a rite of passage (the present Pope encourages early Confirmation)
25. There should never be married priests.

This is an odd mixture of too loose and too strict ideas brought about either by ignorance or stubbornness.