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Monday, 26 November 2012

Lay People-My Challenge to You

Laity, you must change. This is the age of the laity as the priest shortage becomes more and more acute. Even though vocations are up, they are not, in many countries, at replacement level. In my home diocese, in 2015, there will be 15 active priests under the age of retirement for 100,000 Catholics.

This is a pattern repeated in England, Wales, Scotland, Eire, Canada, France etc.

With the lack of priests and the spiritual decadence of the active orders of nuns, it is our age. The welfare of our soul and the welfare of the souls we meet are our responsibility.

God has given us this time and we must seize it. It will not last. We have tremendous graces, with Adoration, daily Mass, confession weekly in some places, which is a blessing. Even the nuns in the convent only had confessions once every two weeks.

So, if the evangelization has fallen into our hands, what must we do?

One, get serious about daily Mass, hours of prayer, Adoration, daily rosary.

Two, free your life from mortal and venial sin. Reach out for purification and perfection. Read my posts.

Three, get beyond your own problems and reach out daily to those who will perish without your evangelization.

Four, sacrifice, more than usual, and accept suffering as Christ entering into your lives.

Five, realize that your baptismal vows demand that you evangelize.

Six, absolutely be a sign of contradiction in the world-think about what that means.

Seven, be responsible for your children, because you are.....

Eight, pray daily with your spouse, you lucky person, as many of us singles pray on our own.

Nine, singles, find out who is in your area to create a small support group. This is essential.

Ten, singles, be contemplatives in the world. You have more time, so give it to God.

Eleven, be absolutely faithful to the Teaching Magisterium and if you are not, get there by being humble and submitting through Faith.

Twelve, be martyrs for the Church. What does this mean? In all places, at all times, stand up for the teaching of Christ as communicated through His Church. Always and everywhere be ready to defend the Church.


Anita Moore said...

Thirteen, join a Third Order if you can find one in your area that suits you and is faithful to the Magisterium. By joining a Third Order, you share in both its apostolate and its spiritual benefits.

Fourteen, join the Rosary Confraternity. This gives you an incentive to pray the Rosary daily (as Our Lady of Fatima asked) and plugs you into the spiritual benefits of the Confraternity, including indulgences.

Fifteen, form the intention every day of gaining as many indulgences as you can.

Sixteen, pray daily for a holy death, and protection from sudden and unprovided death.

Supertradmum said...

Anita, sad but true comments and the additions are wonderful. Thanks so much.

Supertradmum said...

May I add that one needs a conservative or orthodox convent or monastery in order to be attached to the third orders. I never joined in my home diocese as the two were very liberal, both Benedictine and Carmelite and all the sub-groups liberal. The Carmelite third order group was awful. So, one may be in a wasteland for third orders as well. Rosary Confraternities do not exist in most Midwest dioceses either, but there are some on line.

Anita Moore said...

Yes, information about the Rosary Confraternity, which is under the auspices of the Dominicans, may be found online, and one can enroll online or by mail. There are no dues and no meetings, just a commitment to say the Rosary.

Supertradmum said...

Thank you, Anita, as readers will be interested in that.

Supertradmum said...

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