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Saturday, 8 December 2012

End of the World Panicking

People, would God tell pagans a secret which Christ Himself claimed He did not know-the time of the end of the world? Calm down.

Why people in Russia and China are panicking is beyond me.

Anyway, the Catholic Encyclopaedia has something to add to the conversation, a part which is quoted below.


As was stated above, the signs that are to precede the judgment give no accurate indication of the time when it will occur (Mark 13:32). When the Disciples asked the Saviour: "Lord, wilt thou at this time restore again the kingdom to Israel?" He answered: "It is not for you toknow the times or moments, which the Father hath put in his own power" (Acts 1:6-7). The uncertainty of the day of judgment is continually urged by Christ and the Apostles as an incentive to vigilance. The day of the Lord will come "as a thief" (Matthew 24:42-43), like lightning suddenly appearing (Matthew 24:27), like a snare (Luke 21:34), as the Deluge (Matthew 24:37).

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Anita Moore said...

May I recommend in this connection the Audio Sancto website, which contains a lot of very good Catholic sermons on a variety of subjects, including some solid, common-sensical and intellectually focused ones by an FSSP priest on what the Church has to say about the End Times:

Father makes several points over and over again: (1) prophecy is never completely understood, except in its fulfillment, so the best we can hope for with respect to end times prophecies is a more luminous darkness; (2) we are the Church Militant, not the Church Crybaby; (3) God loves us, and He is in charge; (4) the most important thing is not when we live, but how we die, so whatever happens, we need to stay in the state of grace and do our duty according to our state in life.