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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

The awareness of reality-the erosion of the lack of faith is now causing landslides

Since last January, I have highlighted the five stages of persecution now and then. You can use the search tab or click on the " persecution" tag at the bottom of this and other posts.

The tags bring up many articles. Yesterday, several sites, including LifeSiteNews, picked up the theme, listing the same five stages I did earlier this year.

Also, yesterday, I spoke with a highly spiritual, intelligent priest who is one of only three people I have met personally who understand that what we are dealing with is a lost war. He said as we were standing in the cold at the rally that Eire has lost the culture war. I know that. It is obvious.

Interestingly, he is the first priest to state that the faith in Eire was superficial for a very long time before the collapse. This is an essential truth that must be faced. Where adults have a faithlite, there can be no cultural revolution for Christ.

Adults not living in an energetic or committed adult faith as a society  for over 60 years or maybe longer here in Eire has led to a secular society. This happening did not occur quickly. Like mold in a house, the lack of the living faith grew until the culture became unhealthy. Now, all breath in the polluted air.

These evil trends cannot and will not be stopped.

Do not have false hopes or think that there will be a glorious reign of Christ on earth, or a resurgence of Christianity.

I tried to share this with some nuns and lay persons recently who, simply, are not facing reality. If you pretend, you will not be ready.

We as Catholics were in the fourth stage of persecution before the election in America, which is a turning point for the entire world. We are witnessing the triumph of evil.

That persons in Europe who are Catholic cannot see this is painful to me. I am not a Pollyanna. People do not want to hear bad news. Cassandra was not a popular lass.

But, not to be prepared for the coming severe and physical persecution is naive at best and deceptive at worst,.

My perfection series is here to help you get to where you will need to be when the hellish days begin in earnest.

Many of you will lose your jobs for being Catholic.

Some of you will be fined and imprisoned for not cooperating with evil.

All of you will experience real loss of income, status, family relationships.

Some of us have experienced this already.

I shall not apologize for the bad news. One can prepare for a holy either slow or quick death.

Romeo and Juliet, 1968
You and I have no choice but to be ready.

This does not mean that we merely sit on the rooftops and wait for the flood. But we must realize that political pressures are not the answer. We need to convert those around us and those to whom we are sent.

Some Catholics think we shall be spared. That is naive at best and deceitful at worst. Like the prince in "Romeo and Juliet" facing the funeral where both families are grieving at the loss of their heirs who states,  "All are punished", we shall not escape the consequence of sin.

I only know three other people who know we are in the last stage before open persecution leading to death. Why are not others facing this? I have known this trend would lead to an age of martyrdom since the mid-70s. I fell asleep for a few years, but woke up again in the late 90s.  Wake up, please. Find God in your own hearts and live with Him daily.