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Saturday, 12 January 2013

Bravo, Brave Priests and Bishops

I have just read through the list of signatures of the British priests and bishops who have signed the petition against same sex civil marriage and for traditional, natural law marriage, between a man and a woman. I was proud to see the vocation director for Arundel and Brighton on the list, plus some other excellent priests I know. God bless them all, and may the Pope look at this list, as we have some empty bishoprics. The best of the new Ordinariate priests have signed as well. See today's TELEGRAPH.


Matthew Roth said...

Fr Blake has a link to the PDF copy on the LMS website.
I hope more priests are able to add their names; many were busy or unavailable when the letter was initially distributed.

EFpastor emeritus said...

I know several priests who did not receive the original letter and who would have signed. I was among the non-recipients!

Supertradmum said...


I would you have a chance yet. I also hope we can meet up someday.