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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Open Letter to Bishops and Priests of Great Britain, Ireland, and America

Dear Holy Men of God, Dear Excellencies and Fathers,

For many years, I have sat in the congregations of many churches which have parochial schools attached, or some form of Catholic schools attached to dioceses.

For many years, I have heard bishops and priests stand up at the pulpit and recommend the local elementary, grade or grammar schools, as well as high schools, or secondary schools, or sixth-form colleges which are Catholic.

For many years, I have heard the leaders of the Church praise Catholic education.

I have one question. If these schools are so excellent, where are the vocations from these institutions?

The priest shortage in your dioceses in the countries I have listed here, Ireland, Great Britain and America, is not only reaching a severely critical stage, but is irreversible in most areas.

As you, Dear Bishops, know, schools and parishes have been and are closing down under your care.

As you, Dear Priests, know, families are still contracepting and not supporting the Teaching Magisterium of the Church in many other areas of doctrine and morality.

Yet, you praise and encourage Catholic education.

Where are the vocations to the priesthood from these schools?

Where are the vocations to the religious life from these schools?

Private independent Catholic schools in America are seeing a rise in vocations, as are home schooling families.

Where are the vocations from the thousands of Catholic schools which are being supported in your three countries?

Please pray and admit that Catholic education has failed the Universal Church in the West.

Please pray and be honest about false pride in local schools or boarding schools, which have not produced vocations. False pride hides the disobedience of teachers, administrations and boards.

Please stop thinking that something is better than nothing, even if unorthodoxy reigns.

Please pray for obedience to Rome regarding the Oath and the Promise which all good Catholic teachers would want to take.

Please pray and answer my question. Where are the vocations?