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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Open Letter to Bishops and Priests of Great Britain, Ireland, and America

Dear Holy Men of God, Dear Excellencies and Fathers,

For many years, I have sat in the congregations of many churches which have parochial schools attached, or some form of Catholic schools attached to dioceses.

For many years, I have heard bishops and priests stand up at the pulpit and recommend the local elementary, grade or grammar schools, as well as high schools, or secondary schools, or sixth-form colleges which are Catholic.

For many years, I have heard the leaders of the Church praise Catholic education.

I have one question. If these schools are so excellent, where are the vocations from these institutions?

The priest shortage in your dioceses in the countries I have listed here, Ireland, Great Britain and America, is not only reaching a severely critical stage, but is irreversible in most areas.

As you, Dear Bishops, know, schools and parishes have been and are closing down under your care.

As you, Dear Priests, know, families are still contracepting and not supporting the Teaching Magisterium of the Church in many other areas of doctrine and morality.

Yet, you praise and encourage Catholic education.

Where are the vocations to the priesthood from these schools?

Where are the vocations to the religious life from these schools?

Private independent Catholic schools in America are seeing a rise in vocations, as are home schooling families.

Where are the vocations from the thousands of Catholic schools which are being supported in your three countries?

Please pray and admit that Catholic education has failed the Universal Church in the West.

Please pray and be honest about false pride in local schools or boarding schools, which have not produced vocations. False pride hides the disobedience of teachers, administrations and boards.

Please stop thinking that something is better than nothing, even if unorthodoxy reigns.

Please pray for obedience to Rome regarding the Oath and the Promise which all good Catholic teachers would want to take.

Please pray and answer my question. Where are the vocations?




EFpastor emeritus said...

There are very few the answer.

That is partly due to the rubbish catechesis such as contained in "Here I am" etc often introduced into schools with STRONG Episcopal recommendation, notwithstanding the heresy in them Sadly other books were written by priests and nuns who later went and married each other!

Lynda said...

Great, true and necessary message: please publish in relevant Catholic publications.

Supertradmum said...

Lynda, it is not up to me to publish, but others to pick up and pass along. Feel free to do so.

Kate said...

Very well said. Having gone through the Catholic school system in Ireland not that long ago the major problems I came across are non existent catechises and zero catholic atmosphere. Religion class was little more than a history lesson on Israel in the time of Jesus, pre Vatican II devotions and Judaism. No mention of the Catechism or church teachings or vocations. Abortion and contraception were never touched on bar by one elderly teacher and then only briefly. A few of the original order remained as teachers but none wore habits or looked or acted like religious. The only differentiation was they were addressed as Sr rather than Miss. The worse bit is this school was still far more outwardly Catholic than any others my friends attended, we still said prayers at the start of class, we still had to attend religion classes and had crucifixes and religious pictures displayed. The problem is Catholic education has become secularised so there is little difference in state and Catholic schools now, and the problem will get worse. Especially with the present Irish Minister for Education

Lynda said...

Still think that you ought to send it to the main Catholic papers. The people who most need to get this message would be more likely to get it.

Supertradmum said...

Lynda, pray for that to happen. I have no contacts at that level...Love you for your support.

Lynda said...

Why not send it as a letter to the editor in the normal way? I'd guess that the Catholic Voice, for one, would publish it.