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Friday, 25 January 2013

Poll Results

The results of the poll have been so remarkably consistent that I am declaring it ended, and here give the results for topics.

At the top and by far the winner is the category for Saints and Martyrs. I must admit I was surprised by this, as their are many sites on saints. But, I shall do more posts on these subjects as you all want to read hagiography, which is a good thing.

Second, and I was not surprised by this is the Perfection Series. This will continue and be more frequent for several reasons which I shall explain later.

Third, the category of Singles and Vocations held a strong position. Again, I was surprised, as I did not think so many singles read the blog as to merit this number. But, there it is and I shall write more on those two worthy topics.

Fourth, the topic of Education surprised me and I can write much more on that, now that I know it is fourth on your list of important. This is my easiest topic on which to write, as I worked as a curriculum advisor for years and help set up some private schools including one college.

Fifth, two topics tied and are related: Socialism and Post-Post Modernism, both of which are great interests of mine in helping people understand the importance of these movements. Again, these choices represent the interest of the youngest readers among us. Gramsci did not come in the top five, but as he is connected to these movements, I shall not ignore his letters at all. If I count Gramsci alone, he came in at Seventh Place and the following would be one more down on the list; Other and English and French Politics beneath him.

Sixth, Art, Poetry, Aesthetics and American Politics tied for this place. Hmmm, interesting and of course I shall continue to write on these, but perhaps less on the American Politics side.

Seventh, is the odd category of Other. You all can make suggestions. Maybe you like memory lane, fashion or the cartoons or memes?

Eighth place is held by French and English Politics and I have to admit I was surprised as many commentators add to the interest of these topics. However, there may be a difference between the poll takers and the commentators (?).

So. the overall interests are spiritual rather than political. This has helped me, as I want to meet the needs of those who read the blog, and respond to what is important. However, I shall do this poll again in six months or so to see if there is a change.

I find it interesting that the comments made in number do not necessarily correspond to the popularity of the topics.

Very interesting.......but do not hold me to the order of this list at all times, as the Spirit moves where He Wills.....and I try to respond. However, I take this order seriously.