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Friday, 25 January 2013

The Potato Mind vs. the Mind of Christ

I do not mind liberals having good arguments but if they refuse to read or study, I have no time for such laziness of mind. The sin of sloth is a deadly sin.  We forget that this sin applies to the mind as well as the body.

Slothfulness is not merely being a couch potato, but having a potato mind...........stuffed with starch and mush.

Number one rule in apologetics, is that those in conversation with you must be open to reading the REAL teaching of the Catholic Church and not what someone may think is Catholic. Bearing in mind that the majority of Catholic adults are lazy and would rather watch television than read the Bible daily or read what comes from this and the previous Popes, I can hardly start a conversation with GenX.

The Millennials read. Yes, they do. They may be getting all their information on line, but they read.

I have been, as my Protestant brothers and sisters say, edified by the number of Millennials who are trying to find out what the Church REALLY states on many subjects, rather than what the lame secular or even so-called Catholic media states.

Not all newspapers and periodicals deserve our attention.

I shall know when there is a revival of the Faith in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland when I no longer see The Tablet sold in the back of churches.

That day cannot happen too soon.

When I taught Argumentation and Logic, my first rule of thumb for the courses was to teach the students to find reliable sources of information.

Go to the Vatican website, EWTN, and the many blogs on the side of this one. Go to the original sources. Learn which are the reliable commentators

Truth must be sought with a mind open to putting on the mind of Christ.