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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

A Culture of Lies

I have written on this subject before, but the events of the last several days prompt me to write again about the growing culture of deceit in Europe.

Daily, I have been in touch with various business men and women who think nothing of lying on a regular basis. Sadly, some of the lies are not only obvious, but unnecessary; that is, the truth would have sufficed.

Talking to a friend of mine who was in the real estate business in California at the height of prosperous times, I found out from him that lying was the name of the game in the business. Another friend of mine who worked in state government told me that he had to leave his high position as lying was not only the norm, but that he was expected to enter into deceitful conversations and meetings.

In the past two days, two men have lied to me about various business and personal events, which I can confer were couched in lies and false information. This happened to me before here and the businesses are the same type.

Why is this so common?

I cannot imagine being friends with someone who lies all the time, or regularly, especially in business. I know who I can trust and who I cannot trust through these habits of lying.

Business used to be built on trust between sellers, buyers, producers and so on.

Not so, not so.

I am sad, as all the people involved are Catholic. They see nothing wrong in lying.

I cannot imagine being married to one of these men. How can one trust a liar?

Here are some reasons why people lie.

One, to create a better image of themselves and their business than what is real.

Two, to live in a state of denial about the reality of the business. This is called rationalization.

Three, to create confusion on purpose for an advantage over a client or another business.

Four, to force others to have an opinion like those being put forward in order to get more support in the lies. Lying is bullying.

Five, to hide things which are illegal.

Six, to cover up real insecurities in the business, such as possible bankruptcy.

And so on...Many people are living in la-la land constructs of their own making. These will fall.

Sadly, there are now two more people on this small island I cannot trust because of out and out lies regarding both business and personal dealings.

Exaggeration is lying as well, and some people do not realize this.

Sad days...and those who are bad are getting worse and those who are good are getting better.

Lying can be a sign of narcissism and as we are living in the age of the narcissist, lying will become common. Here is an excellent and scary article on narcissism and lying.

Be wise as serpents, and innocent as doves, Christ tells us. Know who is lying and do not trust those who do this daily.