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Monday, 1 September 2014

Anti-Catholic Article in Time Magazine...of course

Whoever wrote this article has not done the required homework.

Being a nun has nothing to do with apostolic succession of men, as clarified many times by the Church-what Christ decided, as God, cannot be changed.

Being a nun has nothing to do with disobeying the Church with regard to doctrine, and moral truths held for thousands of years, such as "gay rights".

Being a nun has everything to do with being a Bride of Christ and servant in the Church.

One young person described the problem exactly-gross egoism. Her statement as to whether she would decide to be a nun or not reveals a complete lack of understanding as to what a vocation is and what the Church is.

Jesus demands more than our own egos...And, His Church is His Mystical Body.

 “I want to work for an employer that values what I do.”  Poor misguided youth....if she fell in love with Christ, she would make a good nun.

Many nuns, obviously, have lost their first love, Christ, and supplanted true religion with politics.

Politics do not saves us...Christ does.