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Friday, 12 September 2014

Justice, Mercy, Aquinas

This is a continuation of some posts earlier this summer. Here are those posts.

28 Jul 2014
Because of the misunderstanding of justice, many Catholics cannot understand either mercy or love. We all deserves just sentences for sin. None of us deserve mercy. That is the whole point about mercy. It is freely given.
04 Apr 2014
On Mercy and Justice. Posted by Supertradmum. Confusion reigns in the "new Church" regarding the virtue of justice. Now, most Catholics understand "social justice", but few understand the justice of God, Who is All Just.
04 Nov 2013
Without recourse to Revelation and without the wisdom of the Tradition of the Catholic Church, men and women will determine themselves what mercy and justice are. God is Justice and Mercy and without Him as the basis of ...
05 Apr 2014
I feel that the time of mercy, which God allowed and called forth through St. Faustina, is fast coming to an end. I see a time in the near future when the justice of God will be more obvious than the mercy of God. I believe that a ...
08 Jul 2014
1) Mercy is linked to Justice, but “superior”. 2) It is giving that which is not strictly necessary. 3) It is based on pure goodness, as is Justice. 4) Sanctifying grace is from mercy. 5) The Sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross is THE act of ...
Thomas Aquinas and Garrioug-Lagrange form the basis for most of these thoughts, as indicated.
However, Father Ripperger speaks of mercy and justice as well, as I have noted on this blog in the past.
I first came across his talks over six years ago, when a deacon and a young man attended some in Iowa. The main thing which caught my attention was the continuation of the philosophy, the writings of Thomas Aquinas in Fr. Ripperger's pastoral and theological talks.
So many Catholics have not had the chance to read or study Aquinas. But, so much Catholic teaching is easier to understand from the Thomistic view.
Here is Fr. Ripperger on Aquinas: