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Friday, 12 September 2014

More Reposts on Free Will, Virtues, Rectitude of the Will

19 Feb 2014
... is those mysteries that are non-evident and unseen (fides est de non visis) for we are certain beforehand that Providence is directing all things infallibly to a good purpose, and we are more convinced of the rectitude of His designs than ... The principle is, that obviously self-abandonment does not dispense us from doing everything in our power to fulfil God's will as made known in the commandments and counsels, and in the events of life; but so long as we have the ...
02 Sep 2013
All things that the child does is for the creation of the man he will become. The parent guides that process. Let me start with language skills, such as ... And I add; virtues of love, honesty, wisdom, peace, diligence, patience, zeal, perseverance. prudence, justice, temperance, fortitude, faith, hope, rectitude, obedience, reverence, humility. The problems occur when the parents do not cooperate with the sensitive ...... St. Thomas Aquinas. St. Thomas Aquinas Pray for us ...
25 Jan 2013
307 "Pure in heart" refers to those who have attuned their intellects and wills to the demands of God's holiness, chiefly in three areas: charity;308 chastity or sexual rectitude;309 love of truth and orthodoxy of faith.310 There is a connection ... by purity of intention which consists in seeking the true end of man: with simplicity of vision, the baptized person seeks to find and to fulfill God's will in everything;313 ...... St. Thomas Aquinas. St. Thomas Aquinas Pray for us ...
03 Sep 2013
3) Self-discipline. After concentration will come perseverance . ... And I add; virtues of perseverance, honesty, diligence, temperance, justice, prudence, obedience, purity, courage (bravery), self-control, rectitude, integrity, love.