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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

STM Rants Again

No lay person, absolutely no lay person, should be doing ministries of deliverance or on exorcist teams, or involved in healing ministries unless the following is true.

1) The person has had professional training and much education. These ministries are not for the anti-intellectual.

2) The person must be disciplined in fasting and mortification, able to do such for days.

3) No one with children at home should be involved in these things.

4) Only those who are completely orthodox should be involved.

5) No Protestant training or spirituality can be used. Heresy is deceit.

6) And, most importantly, unless on has gone through purgation and has destroyed egotism should they be ministering to anyone else.

7) If someone wants to do these things, they are most likely NOT called.

8) The person should be under a priest for spiritual direction for years.

9) No new converts should be involved and no one under the age of 18.

I cannot emphasize enough that most healing Masses are rife with serious problems, including a lack of obedience to Holy Mother Church.

Avoid these.

It is my opinion that unless one is in the Illuminative Stage of holiness that no one has the right to pray over another person except a mother and father over their own children, as they have been given this authority.

Without personal holiness, one is open to deceit from the world, the flesh and the devil.

Simply, if one has not gone through the Dark Night, and faced one's own sins and imperfections, one does not have the proper disposition or grace to help others.


to be continued...