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Thursday, 16 October 2014

Another Hideous Adoration Chapel

The Lord Our God in A Lava Lamp

Avoiding the Millennium Chapel which pipes in New Age music constantly,and has Jesus in a lava lamp behind a common English garden fence, I went to the small Carmelite Chapel in Sliema today. It is horrible. Made out of rough blocks of stone, the chapel is bare except for a huge sunburst made out of metal which is supposed to be the monstrance.

It is awful. Worse than the lava-lamp monstrance...just.

One candle (sanctuary lamp), dying flowers, nothing beautiful and this nod to Apollo,

The Lord Our God in A Clock

I wonder if anyone really understands Who Christ Is and that as the Bridegroom He deserves beauty, not ugliness. How can one pray to Christ in something which resembles a wall clock from the 1960s?

Most middle class peoples' homes here have more attractive living rooms than these two hideous chapels.

Well, tomorrow back to Valletta and the Franciscans....

Compare with the old chapel below, folks.

I mean, who loves Jesus, my Bridegroom? He is not in the desert anymore. He should be honored in beauty and art. Hold on, I am going outside to have a scream! I really do not think these architects and sacristans believe in the Real Presence.