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Thursday, 16 October 2014

On Schisms And Your Responses Two

Several scenarios present themselves to us.

One, you may have to move to a center of orthodoxy. Remember my posts on podding.

Two, you may have to support priests coming into the diocese who are orthodox, like the FSSPs or the Institute. Where liberal bishops have not given permission for these orders to come into a diocese, there will be great suffering on the part of the laity.

Three, you may have to find some older, retired priest who is orthodox and ask his to say Mass in a home church is ALL the priests and bishop in your diocese go over to the dark side.

Four, you will lose friends and even have family members against you. This is inevitable and Christ warned us of this.

Do not pretend these options are easy or possible. One may end up with a schismatic parish, and then you must decide what to do. Sadly, what I see is that too many really good orthodox Catholics have waited too long to pod and move into conservative, orthodox areas.

I cannot say more about that, as you have all my posts on community from last year on line.

Five, if your bishop is orthodox, praise God and be open to having people move in with you in order to save their souls.

Be open.