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Thursday, 16 October 2014

Catholics No Longer Christian?

I am beginning to wonder whether there are any loving Trads out there. If one is not responding in love to those who contradict Church teaching, one will never convert anyone.

And, conversion of souls is our job, not being self-satisfied that we found the TLM and the best blogs, or that we listen to the Vortex, or that we read encyclicals.

Love is not shrill. It is kind and understanding.

This week, I hope to meet a friend of mine who is a practicing homosexual. I like him and want him to convert to the Church's teaching. He was raised Catholic but fell away.

Would I bring him back to Christ by being harsh, shrill, condemning? If he is open, I can speak honestly with him but he must know he is loved and not being treated like a non-person.

Trads, what are you doing on twitter, which I finally left, or in comment boxes when your tone is only condemnatory and not loving?

Yes, and you all know me from this blog that I speak the Truth always, we must speak the Truth.

We must uphold doctrine, the living tradition handed down to us from Christ.

But,in love.

And, long ago, a great spiritual director said this to me. "If you cannot speak the Truth in love, you have no right speaking the Truth."