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Friday, 3 October 2014


For the past several months, I have been considering BOPs or Bug Out Places.

Every family should have one. And, every family should adopt on elderly person to take along if possible.

But, before choosing a BOP, one must ask one's self these questions regarding one's self and one's children.

Am I planning for me and my family to be survivors? Or,

Am I planning for me and my family to be martyrs?

If I had a family, I would be making these decisions based on these facts

1) If I had teen boys and girls, I would be pursuing a close relationship with a male and female monastery which would take them in case of emergencies. These young ones would have a better chance of keeping their faith and dying as martyr in such a location. Which children of mine need a more intense spiritual disciplined place than I can provide in my family?

2) If I have college age children at university or college, I would have a plan of communication via mail. You decide whether this would include air tickets and instructions.

3) I would send my college or university age children ONLY to either TAC, Christendom or Wyoming Catholic. Professions cannot be based on the status quo, but on what is necesary.

4) I would be teaching all my children survival techniques.

5) Which brings me to the last point, if one is not at a safe haven, and you all need to pray about where those are, where does one go and where does one take one's family? In other words, where is the BOP?


Camps you have bought and which are stashed with six months of provisions.

Isolated land where you have provisions and, of course, a water supply, with the capacity of a six month sojourn.

Small towns, not middle size and absolutely not large urban areas where one may have relatives, or on private, nor corporate, farms.

Places near small TLM communities already established, such as Clear Creek.

God will lead people He wants to survive to such places, but you need to plan NOW.

Roads will be shut. Airports will be shut. Train stations will be shut.

Do not take cell phones or internet computers and tablets.

Do not take GPS systems

Take a military blanket like this below. Drones cannot read body heat through these. Your body signature is blocked.