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Friday, 3 October 2014

Reflection Time

Next week, from Wednesday for a few days, I shall be on a small retreat.

However, I need to write some sense on this blog for my dear readers for the next several days. It is time now to stop thinking of normal. If you are in the Boomer Generation and the GenXers and think your grandchildren and children can live as if the world will be the same next year, you are wrong.

You cannot enter into your children's pretenses that the usual majors in college and university will be possible in the near future.

There will be no jobs for most research and fine art majors in the near future. Great scientists are being fired because of cutbacks in research. But, these cutbacks are the tip of the iceberg.

If you are sitting down with your college-age children and thinking they will have a life like yours, you are not listening to God and seeing the signs of the times. If you are not helping them prepare for very hard times both in religion and in the economy, you are doing them a great disservice.

If you are not preparing your children to be saints, either to be martyrs or survivors, you are lying to them as well as yourself

The world in a short time will not look like the world into which you entered as a college or university graduate.

If we enter into a great depression, worse than 1929, what jobs will be worth doing? What will people pay for daily?

My dad's family did not experience the 1929 depression because his family was in the coal industry and had a coal company. Fuel was always needed by someone.

On the other hand, by mother's family experienced the depression as the wage-earner was an accountant, a profession hit by the financial collapse of many businesses and banks.

Stop pretending. The blogs for the next few days will be on the reality of the times. You have the perfection series to show you the way forward spiritually.

It is wake up time.

We shall not have enough priests, we shall need to move in many cases. and families may have to face splitting up for good reasons.

We shall not have real Catholic schools, we shall not have parishes. we shall not have church buildings, we shall not be able to build communities not already started.

We may most likely not be able to move about freely.

I have been reflecting on information given to me by several sources on my travels in Virginia over the past day.

I cannot share details, but I can say that we are very near the collapse of our democracy.

Are you still pretending, Catholic parents? Even the Holy Family had to flee to Egypt.